Rarely does Celebrity Big Brother offer a case of someone who’s life is a success story, but here we are with Chloe Khan.

Sneer all you want! Only a few years ago the Webcam Entrepenuer went by a different, far less glamorous name: Chloe Mafia.

Before all the money and success, Chloe graced our screens in a desperate attempt at fame and none of these times were anything less than amazing. Let’s take a look…


Chloe Victoria on Snog, Marry, Avoid

To be fair to Ms Mafia, Snog, Marry, Avoid is substantially worse than any terrible TV show airing now – looking at you Naked Attraction – and if BBC Three had to go down to get this off our screens, then so be it. We’re not saying that Chloe Mafia toppled BBC Three, but her appearance definitely helped.

Chloe Mafia – The First X Factor Audition

Attempting to change her life via the medium of song, Chloe sung in one of the most unforgettable X Factor auditions ever. After butchering her one and only chance to impress and fighting with the audience, it was Mr Nasty Judge Simon Cowell who saved her!


Chloe Mafia – The X Factor Bootcamp audition

After a manic night out on the vodka, Chloe sang this terrific song. It needs to go in a musical museum.

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