Chloe exclusively reveals all...

Wagner Carrilho and Chloe Mafia playing hide the salami? Surely not!

When the Now office saw reports that Chloe had spent a night of passion with Wagner, 54, after they performed on The X Factor final, we were shocked.

But what a fantastic pairing, we thought. Sadly, she says it ain’t true.

‘When I arrived at rehearsals Wagner ran up to me and gave me a cuddle, going: “Chloe! Chloe!” so that’s where they got that photo of us,’ Chloe, 19, explains.

‘He’s very touchy-feely. But I don’t fancy him – he’s like a hairy beast!’

Chloe insists she spent the night with boyfriend Dymond Allen, 31, a talent agency owner – not with the Brazlian singer. And now she’s engaged.

‘It was a few days before Christmas. First he got me a shout-out on the radio, which was so romantic,’ the young mum reveals.

‘Then we went to an Italian restaurant near his home in London where he asked us to marry him.

‘He got me a nice diamond ring and everyone in the restaurant was looking at us.

‘We went to his mum’s house straight after but it was so embarrassing because she’d seen the papers and she said to him: “Isn’t that the girl off The X Factor who’s shagging Wagner?”‘

‘I tried to tell her the truth but it looks dead bad, don’t it?

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