Chloe Sims, 30, reveals her new bottom – and why she did it

TOWIE star Chloe Sims remembers the exact moment she began to hate her bum.

‘I was 18 and I’d just bought a tight satin boob tube dress,’ she tells us in our exclusive interview.

‘But when I tried it on and saw how flat my bum looked I was devastated. I know it sounds trivial but I’ve always hated my figure.

‘Even before I was in The Only Way Is Essex I was surrounded by gorgeous girls with hourglass figures.

‘Mine felt unsexy and boyish in comparison. I know there are more important things in life, like having good health, but I just couldn’t help it.

‘I tried everything possible to overcome my body insecurities.

‘I wore certain clothes to make my bum look bigger and even wore knickers with chicken fillet-type padding.

‘I always had my bum in mind when I was buying clothes. I’d hate it most whenever I went on holiday and had to get into a bikini. 

‘It always looked awful, like a flat granny’ bum. With age and gravity it only got worse. By the time I turned 30 I’d ended up with a droopy bottom.


‘I seriously considered getting bum implants but I’m glad I didn’t go that far.

‘It’s a massive operation and not really reversible, so if I hadn’t liked it and had the implants removed I would’ve been left with very stretched skin on my bum, which would’ve involved another big op.

‘Instead, I opted for a Brazilian Butt Lift, which is safer and more natural. It uses your own fat to reshape your bum.’

Read the full story about Chloe Sims‘ bum lift in Now magazine dated 16 April 2012 – out now!


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