Can she fix it?

It’s that sad, sad time of year guys as The Only Way Is Essex has finally come to an end – until Christmas! And the question on everyone’s lips is: will Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna finally get back together?

Or has too much damage already been done?

The pair split up after Megan discovered her boyfriend was sexting other women, including his ex-girlfriend Jacqui Ryland.

But if recent pictures are anything to go by, the pair looked ready to put the past behind them and finally get back together…

That was, until photos were released of Pete in an advertisement campaign getting close and personal with some models (professionally, of course).

Crunch talks for Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks... [ITV]

Crunch talks for Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks… [ITV]


Well, Megan kicked off about it on Twitter – and even tweeted that a ‘leopard never changes its spots.’

Now TOWIE veteran Chloe Sims has jumped in to give her co-star some advice in the series finale. The mum-of-one is going to tell the Celebrity Big Brother star that her reaction to the photo shoot drama might just push Pete away forever. Can she be the one to save the failing romance?

Chloe has been quite outspoken about their relationship already.

Writing in her column for Star magazine this week, she commented: ‘I couldn’t believe it when Megan kicked off… She shouldn’t be jealous of the girls he’s posing with – they’re models, and who’s to say they’d be interested in Pete anyway?

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‘I was with them the night before it happened and they seemed really happy. It’s a real shame Megan had to make it public again. Poor Pete. I feel sorry for him.’

But will Chloe Sims’ reasoned words get through to Megan McKenna? Will she ever forgive him? There’s only one way to find out…

The drama concludes, until Christmas, in the final episode of the current series of The Only Way Is Essex on Wednesday 9th November at 10pm.