Christine demands a new job on Dancing On Ice - Elen or not!

With her career on the fast track to Hasbeenville on Daybreak, it’s no secret that Christine Bleakley is desperate to leave the show.

But Now can reveal the ambitious presenter, 31, has asked her management to secure a deal on Dancing On Ice – despite her nemesis Elen Rivas, 35, being a contestant on the skate-fest.

Christine can’t wait to leave Daybreak and although there are rumours she wants to host The X Factor, that’s not until later in 2011,’ a source tells Now.

But Dancing On Ice host Holly Willoughby, who’s expecting a baby in May, has asked bosses to lessen her work schedule to avoid exhaustion in the latter stages of her pregnancy and Christine is more than keen to take over.

She doesn’t care that Elen is on the show. She’ll be professional.’

We can’t imagine Frank Lampard being too happy about his feisty ex facing up to his current beau live on television.

Could be frosty…

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