TV star admits she's boring

Claudia Winkleman is convinced her presenting days are coming to an end.

The 38-year-old has been a TV star since the early 1990s and reckons viewers are starting to get bored of seeing her.

‘I think I’ve only got another year left of presenting,’ Claudia tells Now.

‘Then they’ll say: “Urgh, her face has fallen off”, or: “We’re fed up with her”, or: “She’s too bonkers”, or: “She’s got tiny legs”, and then I’ll need another career.’

But Claudia has no plans to try to crack the States if things aren’t as busy for her over here.

‘No, I’m actually really boring,’ she says.

‘My mum lives three doors away, my dad lives 10 minutes away and my brother is eight minutes away. I think it’d be weird if they weren’t all round the corner. I’d miss them too much.’