TV presenter to sit in Jonathan Ross's seat

Claudia Winkleman is taking over from Jonathan Ross as the host of Film 2010.

She will start her new job on the BBC One show in September.

The show, which was first presented by Barry Norman, is changing its format and will be featuring studio guests.

‘Everyone has an opinion on film and I’m looking forward to debating the biggest news and releases with a whole variety of guests each week,’ says Claudia, 38.

‘I am completely over the moon about being given this enormous honour and am incredibly proud to be to be presenting the new look Film 2010. It’s an honour to follow on from the brilliant Jonathan Ross.’

Claudia has been a TV star since the early 1990s and admitted earlier this year that she thought viewers were starting to get bored of seeing her.

‘I think I’ve only got another year left of presenting,’ Claudia told Now.

‘Then they’ll say: “Urgh, her face has fallen off”, or: “We’re fed up with her”, or: “She’s too bonkers”, or: “She’s got tiny legs”, and then I’ll need another career.’