Now investigates the killing of Andy Bush

The victim: Andy Bush, 48

Brit Andy was a gold dealer known as the ‘king of bling’ on account of his love of fast cars and beautiful young women.

In October, he dumped Slovakian swimwear model Mayka Kukucova and soon started a new relationship with student Maria Korotaeva.

He’d taken Maria to his villa on the Costa del Sol to celebrate their four-month anniversary earlier this month when he was shot in the head.

The suspect: Mayka Kukucova, 24

was devastated when Andy ended their 18-month romance.

Late last month, she travelled from Slovakia to Spain to try to win him back and was waiting at Andy‘s villa when he and Maria arrived.

Maria stayed outside while Mayka allegedly shot Andy, before fleeing in his car.

She later handed herself in 2,000 miles away in Slovakia, where she’s awaiting extradition on suspicion of his murder.

The witness: Maria Korotaeva, 21

The Russian student was swept off her feet by Andy in December after they met in a Bristol coffee shop.

Maria says that ahead of the Spain trip, Andy gave her a £10,000 ring and told her he hoped to discuss ‘something important’ with her.

Upon finding Mayka in his villa, Andy told Maria to wait outside, where she later heard gunshots.

She says Mayka left the villa looking ‘so calm it sends chills down my spine’.

The motive

was obsessed with Andy and jealous over his romance with Maria.

‘She was always worried about him being with other women,’ says Andy‘s daughter Ellie, 19, from his marriage to radio DJ Sam Mason, 45.

While with Andy, Mayka‘s said to have faked an armed robbery and kidnap in a bid for his attention.

Inconsolable at being ditched, she made YouTube videos featuring screenshots of texts they’d exchanged set to Céline Dion music.

But was she jealous enough to kill him?

Mayka’s defence: She was pregnant with Andy’s baby

According to a Slovakian paper, Mayka told police she was carrying Andy‘s baby and had gone to Spain to speak to him about paying child maintenance.

She insisted she was a victim of violence that took place at the villa and suggested she shot Andy in self-defence.

Doctors who examined her apparently discovered bruising to her legs, clumps of hair torn out and evidence she’d been struck hard to the head.

Andy wasn’t the nice guy he was said to be

His flash lifestyle was murky and his high earnings unexplained.

Three of the four companies he traded under were dormant and an acquaintance has said: ‘There was always a sense of mystery about him. He wasn’t the sort of bloke you’d mess with.’

Andy was paranoid about security and often went out with minders.

His home in Chepstow, South Wales, was surrounded by a 7ft wall and every window was reinforced with steel shutters.

Ironically, at his Spanish villa in the seaside village of Cancelada – home to several British ex-cons – his security system was so impenetrable that it took police two hours to get in.

Why did Mayka flee?

Mayka claims she fled the scene because she feared for her ‘life and health’.

She handed herself in three days later, as soon as she arrived in her home town of Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia, telling the media that she hadn’t known Andy was dead.

‘I let myself into the hands of police thinking that my country will provide me protection and without sufficient evidence will not extradite me,’ she said.

‘Everything happened differently than the media has described it.’

The evidence: But what isn’t Mayka telling us?

Who owned the gun & where is the car?

Police have yet to discover who owned the gun used in the killing, but Mayka‘s lawyers insist it belonged to Andy.

Meanwhile, the £60,000 Hummer Mayka fled in was found abandoned several miles from the villa.

How did Mayka let herself in if the villa was such a fortress?

Mayka‘s believed to have waited for Andy for up to a week before his arrival in Spain.

His gardener said he saw her in the days leading up to the killing and having spent several weekends there with her ex-boyfriend, she would have known how to get past the safety gates and state-of-the-art security.

How did Mayka manage to travel to Slovakia without being stopped?

It seems inconceivable that Mayka could have made the 2,000-mile trip from the Costa del Sol to Slovakia without help when she’d left her passport, cash and credit cards at Andy‘s villa.

Mayka had a new boyfriend, a Slovakian security guard, who took leave from his job on the weekend that she disappeared and only returned after she’d handed herself in.

It was initially speculated that he’d helped Mayka get away, but he’s now not suspected of being involved.

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