Calum was not too impressed - and now, Coleen feels terrible

As a rule, Loose Women panellists don’t get their roles for being particularly shy about expressing their feelings.

Hence, Coleen Nolan has been one of the viewers’ favourite parts of the programme for nearly 17 years – and true to form, she’s brought that essential, expressive quality to her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Unfortunately, it’s this trait that landed her in an awkward spot of trouble with fellow housemate Calum Best – and she’s feeling very sorry for her words now…

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On Saturday night, tensions rose as reformed playboy Calum heard Coleen deem him as a hypothetical interest merely for a ‘one night stand’, compared to Jamie O’Hara – who’s more Coleen’s type for settling down and husband-like duties, as it happens…

Though intended as banter to make Jamie feel better about the female attention going towards Calum, Coleen’s words caused Calum to storm off, upset that he’s still being judged for his colourful past.

And in scenes from Tuesday (10th January) evening’s edition of the Channel 5 seasonal staple, Coleen is seen taking a trip to the Diary Room to check in with Big Brother – and she’s feeling remorseful.

Coleen Nolan breaks down (REX/Shutterstock)

‘I’m probably just analysing this too much, but my main problem is that I’ve upset Calum, and that wasn’t my intention – because seriously he’s the loveliest guy,’ she began with a wobbling lip – and it wasn’t long before tears were on the way.

‘I love Calum. I just feel a bit bad that’s all… I don’t even know what I did it really. I know Calum’s got this playboy reputation, but I never think of him like that.’

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From the tears, it’s clear that getting on Calum’s bad side has really touched a nerve with her – especially since son Shane Nolan recently revealed that she rarely cries.

‘It’s never nice seeing a parent cry, especially my mum. She’s like my best friend, it’s heartbreaking,’ Shane told her Loose Women pals on Wednesday (4th January).

‘I’ve seen her cry no more than five times… I think she hates crying in front of her children. She’s never done it in all the break ups, and arguments with [husband] Ray.’

Check out Coleen’s teary display in the video above…