Sound complaints, producers under attack and contestants with secret pasts


The 90s singing star Anthony Kavanagh has hit out against The Voice.

He’s claiming producers ruined his audition chances by forcing him to sing a different song, then playing it too quietly for him to hear it.

The singer, 35, who had a string of hits under stage name Kavana, claims both he and fellow former pop star Kym Mazelle were told to do songs that didn’t suit them and that he suffered from sound issues that were never screened.

Anthony sang Crowded House‘s Don’t Dream It’s Over, but was left embarrassed when coach Danny O’Donoghue called his performance ‘pitchy’.

Then in week two Kym Mazelle, 52 – who sang Johnny Cash‘s Ring Of Fire – was also turned away despite having featured as a guest vocalist on a string of 80s and 90s hits.

Speaking to Now, Anthony says: ‘I don’t want to seem like it’s sour grapes, but the song I was given to sing was my last choice and not the song I wanted.’

Anthony, whose biggest hit was I Can Make You Feel Good, admits he was nervous but says the edit didn’t reflect the problems in the studio.

‘I couldn’t really hear the music when it started, which threw me,’ he tells Now.

And he suspects Kym suffered a similar fate.

Kym‘s a great soul singer, but her song didn’t suit her at all,’ he adds.

A spokesman for The Voice says: ‘All song choices are selected by the artists themselves and agreed with production in advance.’

Read more about The Voice in Now magazine dated 22 April 2013 – out now!

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