Making a baby hasn't been easy for Kate Silverton and Mike Heron

Kate Silverton is now 7 months pregnant with the ‘miracle’ baby she and husband Mike Heron, 43, thought they’d never be able to have.

The BBC News presenter, who lost an ovary at 29, had tried IVF, acupuncture and reflexology before suddenly conceiving naturally at 40.

‘I know exactly when it happened,’ she says. ‘Mike and I had dinner with Prince Charles at a Prince’s Trust event.

‘We were having a few days off, pottering around our new home and were feeling very chilled out.

‘Maybe my mind and body knew I was ready for motherhood. I’d just got married, moved into a home and instead of dashing off to Afghanistan, which I’d done the last time I tried IVF, I was giving off vibes of safety and security.’

Kate had a terrible scare at 8 weeks when it looked as if she’d probably miscarried, but all was well. Despite heavy bleeding, a scan showed her baby was safe.

‘The white light – our baby – was still there,’ she tells Hello!. ‘It even looked as if he or she was waving at me. I was elated I couldn’t stop smiling.

‘I haven’t stopped smiling since.’

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