Viewers think Benedict is hot - or rather odd

Since TV programme Sherlock first hit our screens in 2010, the show’s star Benedict Cumberbatch has become an unlikely sex symbol.

But not everyone is so taken with the 35-year-old actor.

‘Someone once sent me a page of lookey-likey pictures which had Sid [the sloth] from Ice Age, a horse, a llama, a hammerhead shark and a meerkat,’ says Benedict.

Benedict – who is currently shooting scenes for the new Star Trek film – never expected to become as famous as he is now.

He wasn’t sure how people would react to Sherlock‘s first episode, which brought Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s Victorian detective stories into the 21st century.

‘I remember that night sitting in the garden with the show’s producer Sue Vertue and all the Twittery army really started to… well, I don’t look into Pandora’s box when it comes to all that, but it was crazy,’ Benedict tells TV Buzz.

‘By the end of the show we were “trending”. And apparently that’s brilliant.’

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Anna Duff