Benedict has a diverse fanbase

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has acquired a large number of female admirers since he first appeared on our screens as the detective in 2010.

But Benedict, 35, says not all the fan attention he receives is desirable.

‘Some of it is, you know… you can imagine it attracts all sorts, because Holmes is a very peculiar character,’ says Benedict.

‘I guess it’s not just the role, it’s the level of profile it produces.’

Modest Benedict insists that people only fancy him because of his part in the BBC One show.

The actor – who’s dating socialite Lydia Hearst-Shaw, 27 – thinks it’s his character’s tough persona that attracts the ladies.

‘I think people love the idea of someone who’s that hard-nosed and purposeful,’ Benedict tells TV Buzz.

Sherlock‘s hard to love because he’s seemingly cold and cut off, and that’s always an alluring thing.’

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