The actress has a dramatic night

Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley got into a bit of trouble when she leaned in to blow out the candles on her 29th birthday cake.

Catherine, whose big day was on Monday, managed to set fire to her long hair as she made her wish – but the brave star didn’t let the incident ruin her night.

‘So even though I set my hair on fire …the celebrations of leaving the womb all those years ago have been wonderful!’ Tweeted Catherine.

Catherine – who plays Eva Price in the soap – had been joined at Manchester’s Restaurant Bar And Grill by Corrie co-stars including Antony Cotton, Paula Lane and Debbie Rush for her birthday celebrations.

Antony, 37, came to Catherine‘s aid by jumping up from his seat and smothering the flames.

‘This is the moment just before the weave went up…’ Tweets Antony, along with a photo of Catherine before the accident.

‘I put it out but the #privateroom smells of burning bush…’

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