Don't mess with Swagger Jagger singer Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd won’t stand for fellow celebrities claiming talent shows are an easy way to break the music industry.

The X Factor diva, who came 4th in the show last year, says from audition through boot camp and on to the live shows, the process certainly isn’t a breeze.

‘What annoys me is when you get other celebs saying that this is the easy route,’ moans Cher, 18.

‘Because it’s not. It’s the most nerve-wracking, and your whole life changes immediately.’

Pre-X Factor, Cher worked damn hard to try and make a life for herself with music.

‘I used to do shows at a British Legion in front of really old men,’ she tells Attitude magazine.

‘There would be about 10 people and I swear they couldn’t hear a thing I was singing because their hearing aids were all turned off.

‘This was when I was just about 13 or 15 and I’d get paid a tenner.

‘I used to think that it was like the best thing ever.’

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Esme Riley