The singer is horrified

Cheryl Cole is horrified that footage of Tulisa Contostavlos performing a private sex act was released online.

The singer, thinks it’s awful that the raunchy tape of Tulisa was made public.

‘It’s just hideous,’ says Cheryl, 28.

‘You never expect in a million years to be put in that situation.

‘Whether or not you choose to do that, you still would never expect that to happen.

‘It’s an intimate moment when somebody I suppose you believe you can trust. it’s sickening.’ 

But Cheryl was impressed with the 23-year-old X Factor judge’s decision to come clean and apologise for the clip.

‘I think that’s the best way, you just face it head on, you know,’ Cheryl tells The Observer Magazine.

‘I just think there should be a line drawn – just that you’re a human being who goes through real things, and emotions.’


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