Danny O'Donoghue's act Andrea Begley wins the final

After triumphing on The Voice, Andrea Begley is worried she’ll lose her new boyfriend.

The unexpected winner of the show, 27-year-old Andrea from County Tyrone has just started dating her new man and is concerned how her new fame will affect her relationship.

‘I now have someone in my life. It’s been a new thing in the last couple of months – someone I’ve known for a while,’ she tells The Sun.

When we interviewed Andrea earlier in the competition she told us she had more than one admirer, but it seems the law student then made her choice.

‘Er… There are a few bubbling in the background,’ she admitted.

‘I don’t have any time now, but there’s potentially a love interest.

‘We’ll see what happens in the near future.’

Andrea beat Will.i.am‘s girl Leah McFall, 23 to win the BBC talent show and the Black Eyed Peas star Tweeted about the shock result.

‘You should feel the audience’s vibration in the room tonight after the public’s vote… its unexplainable… so sad… perplexed,’ he told his followers.

‘Andrea is amazing… don’t get me wrong… but we know who has the incredible voice.’

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