Fellow shoppers disgusted by soap stars' actions

EastEnders actress Shona McGarthy and her co-star boyfriend Matt Lapinskas were ‘ordered out’ of Asda for messing around with tubs of yoghurt.

The couple – who play Whitney Dean and Anthony Moon in the soap – shocked shoppers with their behaviour in the Watford supermarket.

‘It was disgusting,’ says a mum who was with her young kids and alerted staff to the incident.

‘The man was opening up pots and looked as if he was throwing it around.

‘Then the girl started to smear it over herself in a suggestive manner.’

An EastEnders source claims Shona, 20, and Matt, 25, were planning to buy the foods but Asda has told them not to return unless they stop misbehaving.

‘This isn’t us being Albert squares,’ an Asda spokeswoman tells The Sun.

‘As with any customer found to be causing a ruckus in our stores, we politely asked the culprits to leave so they didn’t offend other shoppers.’ 

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Esme Riley