Bad boy Frankie Cocozza isn't planning on giving the show another go

Frankie Cocozza and his famously tattooed bum won’t be returning to The X Factor this year.

The 18-year-old was kicked out of the 2011 competition because he broke show rules by taking cocaine – and it looks like we’ve seen him sing for the last time.

‘Thinking about going to audition for the xfactor this year #lies,’ Tweets Frankie.

‘I would rather put a toothpick under my toe nail and kick a wall.’

But it seems Frankie, who became a contestant in Celebrity Big Brother following his stint on the talent show, soon regretted his harsh words. 

‘I havent forgot that the show done me a huge favour, and i did fuck up. #stillunansweredquestions,’ he Tweets.

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Esme Riley