Actor and comic is now far more chilled than he was as a young man


Alan Davies admits that comedians aren’t a well-adjusted bunch.

The Jonathan Creek star, who now regularly guests on panel show QI, began his career as a stand-up comic when he was 22.

‘We are all weirdos,’ he says. ‘When I started there wasn’t a lot of cocaine about but it went through the circuit in the 1990s. I was very pleased to miss that.

‘You’d see people storming it and think they’d break through, then two years later you’d ask what happened to them and they’d be coked off their heads.’

Alan, 46, feels he’s become much mellower since his 2007 marriage to children’s author Katie Maskell. The couple are now mum and dad to Susie, 3, and Robert, 18 months.

‘Therapy also helped,’ he tells The Independent On Sunday.

‘I started when I came off the circuit. People said, “It will make you unfunny,” but it makes you more comfortable about where you are.’

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