Loved-up Josie Gibson believes her ex was ashamed of her

Now columnist Josie Gibson and boyfriend Luke Sanwo, 24, have only been dating for five months but they’re busy planning their first Christmas together and are days away from buying their own home, too.

Josie ‘couldn’t be happier’ but things ended pretty badly between her and Big Brother housemate John James [Parton].

‘I begged him to take me to Australia with him but he wouldn’t,’ recalls Josie.

‘I think he was embarrassed because I’m a big girl.

‘John James was a manipulator who put me down all the time.’

Now, after her comments about the Aussie hunk, Josie and John James are rowing again on Twitter.

‘Your still as nasty as ever. Agree to disagree, Tweets Josie, 26.

But it’s a shame these two can’t call a truce. In April Josie was asking fans not to be mean to her ex, who’s now back home in Melbourne.

John James is not a bad person. Can people please not be nasty about him please,’ urged the Bristol babe.

‘I do want John to be happy. Whoever bags John, I hope they really look after him.

‘It’s not like he’s a bad person.’

Read more about Josie Gibson and Luke Sanwo in Now magazine dated 26 December 2011 – out now!


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