The BB star still has 167,000 loyal followers on Twitter

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson has no wish to see former boyfriend John James Parton in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, but it would make fascinating TV.

‘If they slung me in there with John James I’d probably hide!’ Josie admits.

The BB lovebirds split in March with John James‘s new girlfriend Sherrie Cobley, 24, joining him in Melbourne after he went home.

The Aussie hunk used to love a good argument and after the accusations he and Josie, 26, threw at each other, a meeting up to clear the air might be cathartic for both of them.

‘[Am I friends with him?] No, I’m not!’ Josie told Loose Women viewers.

‘He’s turned out to be the most manipulative, calculating guy ever.’

John was 100% faithful to Josie but her jealousy of other girls got him down.

‘She gives some of them pure evils,’ he revealed. ‘She goes psycho.’

We’d love to see John James, 26, back in the UK but he doesn’t seem about to jump on a flight to Heathrow.

After hearing about the riots last week, he Tweeted his 167,000 followers.

‘Take care ppl,’ he told them on Friday. ‘I am Thinking of all of you in the Uk stay safe x.’ 

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