Lucy and Dan apparently videoed themselves in Marbella

Mario Falcone raged at ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh on last night’s episode of TOWIE after hearing that she’d made a sex tape.

The 25-year-old confronted Lucy, 21, in a park over rumours that she’d filmed herself in bed with former fling Dan Osborne on a cast holiday to Marbella last month.

‘You want to talk about disrespectful? Disrespectful is doing a sex tape in Marbella,’ said Mario.

Lucy replied: ‘Disrespectful to who? Even if I did that how is it disrespectful? How many times did you cheat on me? 30, 40?

‘How many times did you sleep with a girl and then come home and get in my bed?’

Mario – who insisted he only strayed with 7 girls – heard the claims from his friend Chris Drake and co-stars Tom Pearce and James ‘Arg’ Argent were also seen discussing them.

Lucy and expectant dad Dan, 23, did nothing to quash the suggestions when they spoke at a Michael Jackson-themed party later on, with Dan saying he was going to confront Mario.

‘Go and enjoy your own sex life, don’t get involved in mine,’ said Lucy.

Dan replied: ‘It’s nothing to do with anyone what we did anyway.’

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Anna Duff