Essex girl Lydia Bright describes filming the show as 'manic'

Lydia Bright has defended Monday night’s live episode of TOWIE after it was slammed by viewers.

Fans of the Essex-based reality show complained about technical issues, dodgy edits and stilted conversations – but Lydia, 21, insists the cast and crew tried their best.

‘It was so nerve-wracking. We had to cut from scene to scene, we only had 90 seconds to talk and we kept on going over. It was all a bit manic,’ says Lydia.

‘There was no script so producers couldn’t predict when a scene would end. That’s why some of it was up in the air. That’s why some scenes were rigid and jumpy but it was hard.’

Lydia had an awkward scene with ex-boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent which suffered a number of embarrassing hitches.

She and mum Debbie were still chatting to Nanny Pat when Arg, 24, appeared in shot and most of the sound was lost because of background noise.

‘I’m glad that it’s all over and done with now,’ Lydia tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I think the poor camera crew need a break. They were sweating and shaking afterwards.’

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