The modest actress gets embarrassed when people stop her in the street

Olivia Colman has revealed that she’s been noticed in the street far more since starring in hit ITV detective show Broadchurch.

The actress, 39, had made her name in comedies such as Peep Show and Rev before playing DS Ellie Miller but is now known to a much wider range of people.

‘Before, I’d get somebody every day going: “I like Peep Show” or something. Now that happens quite a lot more, to the extent I get quite embarrassed,’ says Olivia.

‘Now I only do journeys I have to, because I don’t know what to do.’

Olivia – who’s won awards for her roles in BBC comedy Twenty Twelve and courtroom drama Accused – is next set to star in Channel 4‘s Run.

Judging by her success, it looks as though the mum-of-two might need to get used to being in the limelight.

‘I’ve never had a bad experience, it’s just funny that someone knows your face but you don’t know theirs,’ Olivia tells The Sun.

‘It’s a bit peculiar and I’m sure I’ll get better at it. But if I need a pint of milk, I’ll wait until I really need to go.

‘Where I live, everybody knows me so that’s fine, but away from home it’s slightly daunting – and I’m a bit of a chicken.’ 

Anna Duff