Infatuated with Shane Richie from the age of 12, Alison was a devoted follower


Alison Hall first fell for Shane Richie when he starred as Danny Zuko in Grease – and she was just 12 years old.

Her devotion grew and 10 years later in 2004, after she began to run Shane‘s online fan club, Alison alleges she started a long-term affair with the EastEnders actor.

Shane, who was divorced from first wife Coleen Nolan in 1999, was then dating current wife Christie Goddard, 32, and Alison – then 22 – was engaged.

‘We were in the spare room and my mum was downstairs,’ recalls Alison, now 29. ‘I remember my head was banging against the door and I was worried she would hear. 

‘I had spent years dreaming about being with Shane and now it was actually happening.

‘I felt guilty because we both had partners but I adored him so there was no way I could say no.’

Shane, 47, started visiting Alison 2 or 3 times a week and she claims he asked her to send him explicit photos while he was bored on the EastEnders set.

Smitten Alison soon called off her engagement and she and Shane continued to meet – at her home, an empty house he owned and at hotels.

‘Sometimes I felt like a prostitute,’ Alison tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘He’d come round to my house for sex and afterwards he’d give me £100 and say, “That’s for the website”.

‘I was in love with him but if I tried to talk about how I felt he’d dismiss it, saying, “Methinks someone’s letting feelings get in the way” or “don’t be so deep”.’

Even so, Alison claims she continued her affair with Shane – who was by then married to Christie and had started a second family – until December 2009.

A spokesperson for Shane tells MailOnline: ‘Shane Richie and his wife Christie have been aware of these allegations for some time now and they remain fully united to each other and their family.’

Esme Riley