The Waterloo Road actress has surgery to reduce breasts

Chelsee Healey felt so humiliated by her wardrobe malfunction on 2011’s Strictly Come Dancing that she decided to have her boobs reduced from a massive G to a sexy D-Cup.

The Waterloo Road star, 25, – who had her bust boosted at the age of 19 – now has a more natural shape.

‘My breasts were weighing me down, physically and mentally. I was so unhappy,’ Chelsee tells The Mirror.

‘I can’t tell you what a relief it is. They were like two big balloons. I was totally out of proportion and self-conscious which made me a target for bullies.

‘I’m embarrassed that I ever had them so big in the first place but I was young and stupid and I just wanted big boobs.

‘I thought they were going to make me beautiful but they only made me miserable.’

Chelsee went from a 32C to a 32DD in 2007 but her boobs were still growing and she ended up a G-cup.

‘I was young and if it was a decision I was making now, I wouldn’t have gone through with it,’ she admits.

‘I took £3,000 from a trust fund my dad had set up for me. I knew I’d never be happy until I got the shape I wanted.’

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