It's boys against girls in opening challenge

Lord Alan Sugar kicks off the search for his next budding entrepreneur in the new series of The Apprentice tonight.

The businessman, who will invest £250,000 in his winner, tonight pits the girls against the boys in a task that sees contestants set up their own printing business.

The lads opt for Union Jack T-shirts, while the girls head to London Zoo in an attempt to flog kids’ clothes adorned with animal designs.

But it’s not long before tensions rise when 25-year-old Bilyana Apostolova‘s pushiness angers her team mates.

‘We decided we would take it in turns to use everybody’s strengths in sales, but Bilyana‘s definitely diving in there and taking over other people’s sales,’ says ‘Blonde Assassin’ Katie Wright, 26.

‘We don’t want to be behaving like animals in the zoo!’

Tune in to BBC1 at 9pm to see which team wins Alan Sugar‘s opening task.

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Esme Riley