Maria O'Connor fails to impress the business boss

Maria O’Connor was sent packing by Lord Alan Sugar in the second episode of The Apprentice last night.

Restaurateur Maria blamed team leader Jane McEvoy, 28, for losing in the challenge, which required the two teams to create a household product to pitch to investors.

‘I think I was a bit hard done by, to be honest,’ Maria, 20, tells Metro.

‘The failure of the task was clearly due to her making the wrong decisions with regard to the product.’

The girls’ team Sterling were confident with their bathtime accessory and toy named Splish Splash, while the boys’ team Phoenix, led by Azhar Siddique, 33, invented an environmentally friendly waste bin called Eco Press.

The men triumphed with a total of 13,000 orders from retailers against their competitors’ 7,500.

Business boss Lord Alan felt let down by the girls, who’d got confused over pricings, but sent Maria home after she was accused of falling asleep during the task.

‘There’s no rule that says I only have to fire one of you,’ Alan, 64, told them in the boardroom.

‘I am bitterly disappointed. You all have your own businesses yet you failed.’

‘Maria, I’m not clear what you did in this task, you’re fired.’

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Esme Riley