The boys are staying in a hotel with the other X Factor contestants

District 3 gave an amazing performance of a Madcon/Chris Brown mash-up of Beggin’ on last night’s X Factor and the boys are back in the contest.

Micky Parsons, 18, Dan Ferrari-Lane, 19, and Greg West, 18, met at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and, after years of practice, their harmonies are tight.

So who gets the most attention from girls?

‘Dan‘s a looker,’ says Micky, who thinks Jahmene Douglas deserves to win this year’s show.

But what’s been the toughest thing about The X Factor so far?

‘Living away from home and trying to be tidy,’ says Micky.

‘Luckily, we get our laundry done for us.’

See District 3‘s stunning performance on The X Factor Live Show 3 in 2012

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