Tulisa Contostavlos is frank about her wild teen years

Tulisa Contostavlos has been a bit of a wild child and she doesn’t mind admitting it.

The new X Factor judge, who grew up in a council flat in London, was always an early starter.

‘When I was 9, I grew out my horrible fringe and got my ears pierced, pulled my hair back off my face, put on a shorter skirt and undid my top button – and that was it, I found I got a lot more attention,’ Tulisa, 23, recalls.

The feisty N-Dubz singer got into music with her cousin Dappy at 11, at 12 found her first boyfriend – and discovered vodka – and at 14 had sex.

‘I was about to turn 15,’ Tulisa, 23, tells Sunday Times Style. ‘It’s the environment you’re in, it becomes normal.

‘Everyone around me had lost it. We were too mature for our age. We were doing things we shouldn’t. We shouln’t have been drinking or smoking weed.

‘I was one of the lucky ones to keep my virginity for as long as I did.’

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