He's the smiley bloke off the telly - so what's he got to be depressed about?

Matt Johnson‘s smile lights up the room when Now arrives at his publicist’s office, but his eyes belie just how terrified he is about revealing his battle with depression.

‘I’m really nervous,’ he admits.

‘I’m afraid to talk about it because I’m worried what people will think and I’m scared it’ll bring it all back.’

But Matt, currently appearing on ITV‘s Your Face Sounds Familiar, wants to get it all off his chest and confesses that after today he hopes he’ll be able to move on with his life.

‘I finally have the confidence now – and because I’m doing Your Face Sounds Familiar to raise money for the mental health charity Mind, which I’m an ambassador for,’ Matt, 30, tells us.

The formerThis Morning presenter lost his confidence in 2007, aged 23, when he fractured his cheekbone and broke his jaw.

‘After the accident I snowballed into a weird depression,’ Matt recalls.

‘Essentially, I was “lost” for four years and my twenties are just a blur.

‘I couldn’t hold down a decent job because some days I couldn’t get out of bed, so I had no money.

‘I’d put everything on credit cards and got myself into loads of debt – even when I did go to work my wages wouldn’t even cover the charges.’

Alex split up with his girlfriend of seven years, The One Show host Alex Jones.

‘I’d binge drink – one pint made me feel a bit more depressed, two pints made me feel better and 12 made me forget everything,’ he recalls.

Matt hit rock bottom at Christmas 2009 when he went away alone to his parents’ holiday home in the Costa del Sol.

‘I had all these plans to go running every day, see the Picasso Museum, go wine tasting and all these cultural things to get my mind back on track.

‘But it rained nonstop, so I had nothing to do but drink – and I drank heavily.

‘I could get a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey for 6 at the local shop, so I drank two bottles a day.

‘I felt shit. I’d wake up and the front door would be open, bits of sick were everywhere and I was worried about myself.

‘But instead of combating it I just drank more and got in such a state.

‘I had suicidal thoughts.’

Read the full interview with Matt Johnson in this week’s Now magazine dated 29 July 2013 – download the digital edition now!


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