The Only Way Is Essex cast hit back at his insults

Joey Barton has been slagging off the cast of hit ITV show The Only Way Is Essex on Twitter.

The QPR midfielder launched a bitter attack on the stars after he crossed paths with them at the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch party on Monday night.

‘I actually despise the whole of that firm, mentally deficient, turn up
at the opening of an envelope, fame hungry, prized ball bags. #TOWIE,’
Tweeted Joey, 29.

‘The only one whose alright is Kirk?? He’s like my favourite. When I say favourite, its like if u had to pick a sexually transmitted disease!’

Cast member James Arg’ Argent, 23, soon retaliated but Joey was quick to hit back and label him ‘large undies’ and ‘stonehenge teeth’.

This prompted Arg‘s best mate Mark Wright to get involved.

@Joey7Barton joey where can I get ur hair cut ? Also u no that arg wants he’s teeth done so thanks 4 watching the show !!,’ Tweeted Mark, 24.

The cast later posted a photo of them all mocking him, which further angered the footballer.

‘Its like a Circus freak show…….u’ve got midgets, hippos, about 6 with red rums teeth in and a corpse holding a sign,’ retorted Joey.

TOWIE firm don’t mess with big boys, u and ur shallow, fake,
pretentious lifestyles. In a year u’ll be opening shitty poundshops if
ur lucky.’

Ohhh, vicious.


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