Singer Lucy fell for a cougar

X Factor finalist Lucy Spraggan says a short-lived romance with an older woman inspired the majority of her album Top Room At The Zoo.

The openly-gay singer wrote the record before she auditioned for the ITV show and impressed the judges with her catchy tune Last Night.

‘When I was 18 I went to America for three months on my own and fell for a 27-year-old,’ says Lucy, 21.

‘Most of the songs on my album are about her.’      

Lucy says she’s always been ‘out’ and that her family are very supportive of her relationships with other women.

She’s currently single after breaking up with the girl she was dating because she’d decided to go travelling.

‘I was seeing a girl for about five months, but she’s going to Thailand for a year. It’s heartbreaking, but I’d much rather have loved her than never met her,’ Lucy tells Look.

‘There’s no way I’d want her to change her plans.’

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