Miss Dynamix's Rielle, Jeanette and SeSe are like sisters

X Factor girl group Miss Dynamix auditioned as soloists but are happy to be in a group.

Rielle: It’s better than being a solo artist.

Jeanette: We want to be singers so whether it’s in a group or as a soloist, it’s giving us the chance
of a career.

Didn’t you worry you wouldn’t bond and would lack chemistry?

Rielle: We did.

But we know we’re the underdogs.

Everyone at boot camp thought it would never work but now look at us. We’re all so different but we click.

We say we’re three girls, one voice.

Have there been any rows?

Jeanette: Yes! We argue like sisters.

[Points at Rielle] She used my foundation brush in her pink blusher, so as I was doing my make-up my face was turning red!

Rielle: I have arguments with Jeanette because I like hair gel and she likes mousse.

She says I shouldn’t use gel… And SeSe accidentally burnt my hand with her straighteners, look!

[Now examines a scar on Ri‘s hand]

Jeanette: Our bathroom’s really big but Rielle put all her toiletries on one side, SeSe put hers on the other and I was like: ‘Hello?

Where do I put my stuff?’

What makes you different to other girl groups like Little Mix?

Jeanette: We’re different – we’re a trio and we’re all black.

I feel like there’s a gap in the market.

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