Actress Alison King on her return to the show


She’s one of soap’s biggest bitches and as Alison King made her dramatic return to Coronation Street last week, thousands of viewers tuned in to witness her reprise her role as scheming Carla Gordon.

Alison, 36, hit the ground running: Carla returned to the Street to blackmail her husband, murderer Tony Gordon, and almost get herself killed in the process.

Life off screen is hectic in an altogether different way for new mum Alison, who gave birth to her daughter Daisy Mae just eight months ago with her sound technician partner Adam Huckett, 30.

Despite playing a bad girl, she claims the public doesn’t hold a grudge and she loves getting stuck into the action…

What sort of reaction do you get from the public, considering that Carla’s the original superbitch?

Surprisingly, the public seems to love Carla and I haven’t had any nasty comments. I think they admire her ballsiness and her couldn’t-give-a-damn attitude.

You were straight back into the action when you returned – do you enjoy all the fight scenes?

My first scene back was a fight scene! We really went for it and I fell over the table and this glass of wine went everywhere and plastered my hair. It looked like I was in a zombie movie!

Was it difficult to tear yourself away from Daisy Mae and come back to work?

It was tough because I didn’t want to leave her. When I went back, it was the first time I’d been away from her all day. I was racing to get home before she went to bed on the first day.

How are you enjoying being a mum?

I love it! Although my hormones are all over the place and I’m crying at the drop of a hat. I saw Marley And Me the other week and I was all over the place, crying buckets of tears.

My cravings don’t seem to have gone away, either. I still love squeezable cheese!

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