Corrie's newest bad girl wouldn't dream of selling her son!

She hasn’t been on the cobbles for long but Paula Lane‘s already made a big impact in Corrie as feisty Kylie Turner, half-sister of Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly).

There’s more havoc to come as troublemaker Kylie returns to the Street with new fianc√© David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) in tow.

Paula‘s eager to make sure that everyone knows she’s nothing like her character, who’s so cruel that she even tried to sell her son. But she reckons Kylie is funny, too.

‘Oh God, I like her comedy. I think she’s quite witty,’ says Paula, 24,

‘Obviously it can’t be nice for the person on the receiving end of it but I like how she’s quite quick off the mark and won’t let someone stamp her down.

‘I’ve got a little bit of a feisty side but I’m very sensitive as well and I’d never dream of doing stuff that Kylie‘s done.

‘My mum said to me the other day: “Don’t you look at me with them Kylie eyes!”‘

Paula gets on really well with co-star Katherine Kelly.

‘She’s fab! I love her,’ she says.

‘From day one she’s been brilliant, like a big sister.

‘It’s strange when people say we’re similar and then you see it when you watch it back on screen.’

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