Actor took part in special Corrie Goes To Kenya programme

Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas has revealed that he helped a Kenyan tribe to slaughter a goat whilst filming a documentary.

Ryan and co-stars Sue Cleaver, Ben Price and Brooke Vincent visited Africa to educate residents about the dangers of HIV for TV special Corrie Goes To Kenya, and Ryan admits that some of the local traditions were difficult to deal with.

There was a ritual where they wanted to feed us goat, so we had to kill one,’ Ryan, 28, tells The Sun.

I had to hold its legs while they slaughtered it. I was nearly being sick. I was totally traumatised – until we skinned and ate it.

We put loads of garlic and lemon and herbs on it and threw it on the barbecue and it was pretty damn tasty!

I realised that it was actually an honour for us to be given the goat by the tribe. This is their tradition and I respected that.’

The actors used theatre to teach people about HIV and Aids and, after visiting locals who face the challenges of having the disease and living in poverty, Ryan’s on-screen mum Sue Cleaver admits that it made her more appreciative of things.

My admiration for the people who go through each day with no expectations knows no bounds,’ Sue, 48, tells the Daily Mirror.

Their tenacity and strength makes you realise just how much we take our lives for granted. It can’t not affect you.

I’m more relaxed about things now which I wasn’t before. I have a sense of how incredibly fortunate we are to be born in this part of the world.’

Part 1 of Corrie Goes To Kenya is on ITV1 at 9pm on 17 August. 

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