Ricky Wilson dresses up and performs as Elton John as part of new show Bring the Noise, along with David Tennant as Kiki Dee

We’ve seen David Tennant play many different parts in his time. Of course there’s Doctor Who, and there was the detective in Broadchurch, and he’s even had a swishy ponytail while treading the boards in something Shakespearian.

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But here’s something we NEVER thought we’d see him has. Ladies and gentlemen – I present to you, Mr. David Tennant in some pink dungarees, in a brown bob, as Kiki Dee.

Yep. The Kiki Dee that sings Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart – that one.

Oh, and who’s the Elton John to David’s Kiki Dee? Ricky Wilson of course.

We know it all sounds pretty bonkers – Doctor Who and a judge from The Voice dressing up to perform a karaoke classic, but just take a look for yourselves…

We’ve got to say, they make a pretty good Kiki and Elton!

The 44-year-old actor joined Ricky Wilson, who is part of new musical TV show, Bring The Noise.

The new Sky 1 show, which starts on October 22, also features singer Nicole Scherzinger and rapper Tinie Tempah as team captions.

37-year-old Ricky said that he’s ‘no stranger to music based TV shows with a competitive element, but this is taking music TV to another level.’

We’ll say! Having to dress up is not quite as simple as just your good ol’ musical intro round on Never Mind The Buzzcocks is it?


But the pair sure did impress former Pussycat Doll Nicole, especially The Doctor!

‘David, you look pretty as a girl…’

Yes. Sadly, he makes a better girl than we do when we just wake up.

Each week the show will feature different celebrity guests, and if this is anything to go by, we can’t wait for what’s to come!