Presenter can be a bit naughty

Davina McCall often wants to behave badly at inappropriate moments.

The cheeky presenter admits she always thinks about doing something naughty when she’s posing for pictures and has to work hard to restrain herself.

‘As I’ve got older, I know that I’m potentially less interesting on a red carpet, for example,’ says Davina, 47.

‘So I get this really bad urge whenever I go to London – I want to stick two fingers up at the cameras or flash my boobs or my bum.

‘Literally, every time I do a red carpet event now, I have to talk myself down from doing something that I will regret for the rest of my life.’

Away from the cameras, Davina McCall is a respectable mum. She has two daughters, Holly and Tilly, and a son called Chester with hubby Matthew Robertson.

The bubbly television star still lets her naughty streak get out sometimes though.

On one occasion Davina was hosting game show The Million Pound Drop and decided to ditch her underwear for filming. But she soon ended up regretting the bold move.

‘I once went commando on the show and then remembered that the floor of the studio is completely see-through,’ the mum-of-three tells TV Magazine.

‘I spent the entire show with my legs crossed feeling terribly self-conscious and horribly vulnerable when I should have been thinking about the game.’

Davina McCall‘s devilish trait caused her problems in the past as she had drink and drugs problems when she was younger.

The presenter beat her demons but thinks that her mischievous side will always be there.

‘I think it’s hereditary,’ she tells The Sun.

‘There are many things I wish I hadn’t done but I have tried hard to learn from my mistakes.

‘Part of me just feels naughty and I have to work hard to keep a lid on it sometimes.’

Anna Francis