Denise chats to judge Dannii Minogue

When Denise Van Outen sat down for an exclusive girl-to-girl natter with Dannii Minogue for Now, there was one thing she wanted to know.

Why on earth did Louis Walsh put John and Edward Grimes into the X Factor final?

I was screaming at the television going: “Why have you put them through?”,’ Denise told Dannii.

‘All my friends said you and Kylie made the right choices. I disagreed with some of Cheryl’s choices though.’

Denise, 35, watches the talent show with husband Lee Mead and was disappointed one of her favourites in the boys category didn’t make it into the final 12.

‘I really liked the American guy, Ethan… he’s really good looking. I was sitting there thinking he’s gotta go through and Lee was like why?’

Dannii, 37, also appreciated Ethan’s charms.

‘Yeah he’s the one you can see sitting in his underpants – he’s very “Abercrombie model”.’

But it’s one of the girls Denise wants to triumph.

Though she loves Miss Frank and Graziella Affinita’s rapping, her vote goes to a talented teenager from Wales.

My favourite is Lucie,’ she admits. ‘I really want her to win.’

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