Actor receives explicit requests from women

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has revealed that his granddad often helps sort out his fan mail – and has even responded to some of the more risqué requests.

Matt has played the Doctor in the hit TV show since 2010 and he’s gained a lot of female fans along the way, as his grandfather discovered when he leant a hand with sorting mail.

The first letter [my granddad] ever opened… was what he described as “very blue”,’ says Matt, 30.

But he has a wonderful sense of humour, my granddad. So he gets this letter and it opens with, “I want to… you know.”

It was pretty graphic. But anyway, she was about 40 or 50 and asked me to go to her house in Essex.

My granddad wrote back: “Matt isn’t available, but I’m his granddad and I am.”‘

Matt, who used to date model Daisy Lowe, thinks that his popularity with women is entirely down to his character’s appeal.

It’s a weird and strange and remarkable thing,’ the actor tells The Times Magazine.

And, do you know, it’s nothing to do with me. The fan mail exists for all the Doctors.’

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