Matt Smith's co-star has had a varied career

Former Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill has done a range of crazy things in his career.

The actor, who played Rory Williams in the hit sci-fi series until last year, recently found himself stripping off for an unusual cause.

‘I actually did my first naked cover shoot before Christmas,’ says Arthur, 30.

‘It was part of a ‘stop over-fishing’ campaign and involved me posing naked with a monkfish. I thought it was a good cause and it turned out to be a hilarious way to spend an afternoon.’

Arthur, who has most recently played a vicar in TV drama Broadchurch, also had his fair share of unpleasant acting roles before hitting the big time.

‘I did a terrible short film before I went to drama school,’ the actor tells Celebs On Sunday.

‘It was a horror movie and there was a scene where I drank a cup of coffee that turned into maggots, which then fell out of my mouth.

‘So I had a mouthful of maggots. It was horrible. And they didn’t clean them up properly, so after three days of filming in the same house they started hatching and there were flies everywhere.’

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