Duane Chapman is hoping to round up some crooks here

Bounty hunting TV star Duane Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, has been granted a visa to enter the UK after thousands of fans lobbied to on his behalf.

The crime-fighting crusader tried to visit these shores in July 2010, to help capture fugitive Raoul Moat, but was denied entry because of a 1976 conviction.

Duane served two years in a Texas jail for his involvement in the death of a drug dealer but insists he wasn’t at the scene of the shooting.

‘I am what rehabilitation stands for,’ says Dog.

Over 3,000 Brit fans signed a petition asking the UK Border Agency to grant Duane‘s visa, and now the devout Christian is allowed to step on British soil.

Dog, 57, hopes to advise politicians and police about how to catch criminals, as well as launch a UK version of his popular reality TV show.

Dog knows how to find fugitives and he has no fear,’ a pal tells the Daily Star.

‘He is looking forward to meeting his fans and talking to the police and the Prime Minister about crime.’