The actress can be as scary as her character

Michelle Dockery has admitted to bringing out her inner Lady Mary to get her own way.

The Downton Abbey actress, who’s played the feisty aristocrat since the show started in 2010, channelled her character’s stern approach when she was rudely awoken one night before a busy day’s filming.

Laura Carmichael [who plays Lady Edith] and I were sharing a hotel room as we’re good mates and there was loads of noise coming from downstairs,’ says Michelle, 31.

We couldn’t sleep because of the noise and we had a really, really early call for filming, so we phoned reception. But these people wouldn’t calm down and kept on talking.

So I went down in my pyjamas and went into Lady Mary mode, knocked on their door and said to them, “We can hear every word that you’re saying, can you please keep it down?”

I think that they were aware that we were in the hotel and knew who we were so we did automatically scare them.’

Luckily the boisterous guests quietened down and even sent Michelle and Laura, 26, a bottle of champagne to apologise.

Despite the incident Michelle insists that she’s normally nothing like icy widow Mary.

I think people initially think that I’m going to be quite cold and intimidating like her,’ the Essex-born actress tells The Sun.

But then I get responses from them and they realise I’m a bit different.’

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