Drool! We caught up for a quickie with Downton Abbey's hottest members of the household, Allen Leech and Rob James-Collier

Our weekend eye-candy, Allen Leech and Rob James-Collier, are back on our screens this Sunday in series five of Downton Abbey – yippee!

The two stars are so bloody gorgeous that they’re obvs receiving fan mail left, right and centre. In fact Allen, who plays chauffer Tom Branson, revealed that his fans are getting slightly more serious. ‘I got sent a marriage proposal on Twitter this morning. I said I’d think about it,’ Allen tells Now.

As for Rob, who plays under butler Thomas Barrow, his mail has been slightly more rewarding.
‘A young lad wrote to me and said that Thomas being gay helped him to come out to his parents. That was more meaningful than any award or accolade,’ Rob says.

Explaining why he won’t be getting sent any Twitter proposals, Rob says, ‘Social media terrifies me. It’s the route to madness.’

Maybe the 37-year-old actor is slightly more similar to his post-Edwardian character than we might think…
Thomas is quite insecure. He feels alienated. I’m not as nasty as him, but we’re all insecure to some extent,’ explains Rob. ‘There’s a bit of Thomas in everyone – no innuendo intended.’ Cheeky!

While Downton Abbey coming back might officially mark the end of summer (sob!) it also hails the start of onesie-night Sundays in front of the box. Bliss.

So erm, can the two Downton hotties let us in on any of the backstage goss?

‘Our cast nickname for Maggie Smith is ‘The Notorious MAG’ – she loves it’, says Allen.

Judging by the official series 5 trailer, this series looks set to be a scorcher for the two Toms. Here, here!

We’ve got Tom Branson snogging school-teacher Sarah Bunting as well as saving an anonymous lady from a blazing fire. And then Thomas Barrow continues to blackmail lady’s maid Phyliss Baxter. Phew.

Downton Abbey returns to ITV at 9pm on 21 September. Sunday’s never looked so good!

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