*DOWNTON SPOILER ALERT, PEOPLE* But total cuteness alert too!

Oh Downton – our Sunday night cuddle! It’s been a rocky road hasn’t it…what with all the deaths, scandals, affairs, babies and… shh, don’t mention the war!

But this weekend we’re in for a treat and a bosom of happiness as one of the show’s most adorable couples finally tie the knot on Sunday.

Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes will FINALLY marry in this weekend’s episode of the popular ITV drama. Yay, hurrah, chin-chin!



Last Sunday night on Downton, if you remember, Carson had got himself into a bit of pickle with where him and Mrs Hughes were going to have their reception, but we’re glad to see from the spoiler photos that the pair look as happy as ever as they pose outside the church.

And, whit-woo, Mrs Hughes! Doesn’t she look beaut? That mauve coat and her cute little posy of flowers. Seriously, it’s bringing a tear to our eyes just looking at these snaps!

Of course, all the family are there to see Carson put a ring on it. As you’ll see from the snaps Lady Mary is bang on trend with her fur trim coat, Lady Edith has managed to find a smile from somewhere and we’re glad to see  Mrs Patmore didn’t get stuck in the kitchen finishing off the wedding cake!

So, we’ll be wearing our best wedding hat on Sunday (as well as our PJs) will you? We hope so!


Lydia Southern