Thousands complain about latest storyline


EastEnders is facing a viewer backlash after receiving 3,400 complaints over its gruesome cot death and baby swap storyline.

Fans are disgusted by Ronnie Branning, played by Samantha Womack, exchanging her
for Kat Moon‘s, in a shocking New Year’s Eve episode.

‘Easily the sickest storyline the BBC has sunk to so far.
Sensationalising cot death is revolting,’
wrote one very unhappy viewer who slammed the plot online.

‘Shame on you BBC for using other people’s devastating pain to boost your

viewing figures.’

Elsewhere, on parents’ webs forum Mumsnet, a
mother said: ‘I’ve always been a big EastEnders
fan but the thought of this storyline is really making me feel both sick
and angry.’

While complaints started back in November when the storyline was
revealed, the majority have been sent in to the Beeb since Friday’s episode.

‘We appreciate this is a challenging storyline and have taken care to ensure viewers were aware of the content in advance of transmission,’ says EastEnders executive producer Bryan Kirkwood.

Monday’s episode, in which Ronnie tried to cope with the baby she had taken and Kat failed to recognise the child in the chapel of rest as her own, was watched by 10.6m viewers.

Lucy Halfhead