The actress narrates new audio book for hot couples

Soapstar Tanya Franks is the narrator of a new audio version of sex manual The Kama Sutra.

The actess, 43, who plays Rainie Cross in EastEnders, is delighted to have been asked to talk dirty.

‘When I was asked to read The Kama Sutra I felt nervous and excited,’ she says.

‘I realised the Kama Sutra isn’t just a sex manual but a complete philosophy, which is easier to get to grips with than some positions.’

Tanya describes all the acrobatic love-making angles in the 1,600-year-old book and says she really enjoyed the recording.

‘When we finally did it we had a great time. The only thing missing was a cigarette afterwards!’ she jokes.

The Kama Sutra audio book is released by Beautiful Books this week.

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Yasmin Evans