The soap brings more controversy with child prostitution storyline


EastEnders looks set to stir up further viewer controversy with a new storyline involving 17-year-old Whitney Dean‘s descent into prostittion.

The soap hit headlines after its harrowing cot death storyline – showing Ronnie Branning swapping her dead baby with Kat Moon‘s newborn – received nearly 10,000 complaints, the most in the show’s 26-year history.

But an EastEnders spokesman defends the soap’s new plot, and says they’ve teamed up with the Comic Relief charity that helps Britain‘s vulnerable youngsters.

‘In the long tradition the show has of tackling social issues, this is a storyline that looks to be exploring a growing problem that faces many young women in the UK.’

Whitney – played by Shona McGarty, 19 – will become a £50-a-night prostitute after she leaves home because of an argument with her family.

Esme Riley